Discover Baška with Lukrin apartments

If you are the kind of traveler who are looking for a quiet place where you can spend a vacation with your family and friends in peace, then Baška is what you are looking for.

Baška is located on the southeastern part of the island of Krk. While enjoying a day on the beach you can see the Velebit mountain and island of Prvić.

What is the beach?

One of the most common questions we get is what is the beach? Our answer is almost always the same: one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

Baška is surrounded by almost 30 beaches, but one of the most beautiful beaches is Vela beach. Vela beach is pebble beach 2,5 kilometers long. Children and adults can easily enjoy spending time on this beach.

On this website you can check out all the information about our apartments. What are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation!

Apart from enjoying the swimming and sun tanning, on Vela beach you can enjoy your lunch break in a lot of restaurants for every taste. Except lunch break, you can enjoy coffee time in nice and sweet coffee shops with beautiful view. Vela beach offers a lot of fun activities not just for kids, but for adults also. You can rent pedal boats, windsurfers, parasols, sun loungers and other things, or you can just relax and enjoy the sea and sun.

Weather or not?

Are you one of those who are packing whole their life for seven days of vacation? You packed things you’re sure you’ll need, but why don´t take a dozen of things that you think you will need, just in case something happened? One of the Croatian Proverbs says: Bolje nosit´ nego prosit! If we translate it in English it will say: Better to carry with you, then beg for it. So, what about an umbrella? Do you need to take it with you?

The weather is something unpredictable, so what if starts raining on your vacation? Well, no worries. The Baška´s climate is almost perfect. We said almost, because the weather is really something we cannot predict.

But let us tell you some information about climate in Baška:

  • July is the warmest and sunniest month in the year
  • The highest temperature in July can reach 36 C (no worries, our apartments have air conditioning)
  • The average daily temperature in September is 20 C, and that means that you don´t need to wait next year to come back!
  • The average sea temperature is 25 C

What do you think? No need for carrying an umbrella, really! Just come to enjoy the sun (but don´t forget the sun cream!).

Rhapsody of taste – Baška´s cuisine

Even if you are on vacation, that doesn´t mean that you don´t need to eat. If you are a hedonist, or not, Baška´s cuisine will sweep you off your feet! There are a plenty of restaurants in Baška where you can try traditional meals. If you don´t become fan of Baška´s cuisine, you can still have fish and chips or hamburger. A traditional dish from Baška is šurlice with lamb goulash. Šurlice is a unique kind of spiral pasta. We strongly recommend you to try it!

The other great dish is tuna steak with swiss chard. While eating, you can drink Vrbnička Žlahtina or Gospoja, the best-known wines of Krk´s vineyard! If you are not fan of restaurants, you can prepare something in our apartments. It has a kitchen!

Short culture lesson

Did you know that Baška was named after Baščanska ploča (eng. Baška tablet)? Baška tablet is one of the most important monuments of Croatia´s culture and literacy because the name Croatians was mentioned for the first time in Croatian written language. The Baška tablet is probably the most famous monument of early Croatian literacy, dating from about 1100, i.e. almost four centuries before the discovery of America. It is discovered in 1851 in Church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor, near Baška.

What do you think, can you read it?

No worries. It is the first, but not last Croatian written language. Croat´s write in Latin!